Liveclicker Enables B to C Marketers to ‘Bring Email to Life’ with New RealTime Email Solution

RealTime Email Logo (white BG by LC) (1)Liveclicker, Inc, a global innovator in delivering rich customer experiences across the web and email, today unveiled its RealTime Email suite of tools enabling marketers to create customized content for recipients at the moment they open their email messages. Combined with sophisticated real-time analytics, testing and targeting capabilities, RealTime Email helps today’s BtoC marketers engage and remain engaged with customers via highly targeted email campaigns.

Using the tools available in RealTime Email, marketers can create a new personal context around email to engage new recipients and reignite unresponsive, disengaged subscribers to drive conversions. RealTime Email gives marketers the ability to generate new, relevant messaging even when subscriber data is stale or missing. For example, senders can now deliver language-specific content in email based on mail client settings or open location, even if language preferences weren’t previously known to the marketer. 

-Justin Foster, Director of Market Development, Liveclicker

RealTime Email is a suite of tools incorporating three core elements to create an intuitive campaign workflow:

  • RealTime Content: Creating rich, dynamic content based on a recipient’s real-time location, time, local weather, language settings and device in use, to deliver in-context content within email.
  • Target and Testing: Enabling A/B testing of email elements with built in, automated winner picking for optimized content within email, even after a message is sent.
  • Analytics: Analyzing RealTime content based on opener environment and comparing opens, clicks, duration of open, conversion, and more.

RealTime Content incorporates embedded videos, live images, timers, webscrapes, and social media or marketer-defined feeds to engage recipients with personalized campaigns that adapt to each recipient’s unique real-time journey. It enables marketers to deliver countdown timers or flash-sale inventory counts, offers based on the recipient’s location or weather, or up-to-the-minute Tweets or Facebook posts, for example. In addition, it enables the delivery of breaking news alerts or real-time flash deals, even after a message is sent.

Target and Testing merges data only known at the moment of open, such as a recipient’s mobile device in use, local time, or geolocation, with existing recipient data stored with a marketer’s email service provider or CRM platform, allowing delivery of highly targeted and engaging inbox experiences that dynamically adjust based on changing real-time conditions. A/B testing is supported at the real-time segment level, allowing multiple variants of a piece of content to be optimized at the moment of open, thereby enabling marketers to drive massive ROI versus un-optimized campaigns without comparable real-time capability.

Analytics are powered by Liveclicker’s proprietary, highly scalable data warehousing technology architecture, enabling real-time display and optimization of email content across hundreds of millions of simultaneous email interactions, with dynamic up-and-down scaling based on constantly changing conditions. Analytics data can be “closed loop” back to a marketer’s ESP or CRM system through the use of third party APIs, allowing marketers to keep a single repository of data that incorporates real-time attributes such as language preference, device preference, geoposition of subscribers, or video view times.

Using RealTime Email, we were able to provide an up-to-the-minute alert to customers via email that represented the amount of time left to take advantage of our latest online sale. It created a sense of urgency for our subscribers by showing actual seconds ticking down in the email. This innovative way to connect with our consumers in real time resulted in a 78% increase in click-through rates for one of our targeted marketing campaigns.

-Nate Hinds, Director of Marketing,

Liveclicker is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, June 18, at 1:30 p.m. EDT / 10:30 a.m. PDT to discuss the features and functionality of the new RealTime Email solution. To register, please visit: To learn more about RealTime Email, please visit:

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